Precise Cut Matting for Your
Picture Frame

Matting Options in Various Shapes and Sizes

After you frame a picture, you would want it to appear clear and complement the wall of your home or office. But what if the frame you chose and picture are of different sizes? Matting is an easy solution to fix that problem! That's where LA Frames comes into the picture.

If you want matting for your frame, get in touch with our highly trained and skilled team. We use the Wizard Computer Mat Cutter to precisely cut the matting into the desired shapes and sizes. This method also saves the time spent in measuring and cutting by hand.
Picture frame

Advantages of Choosing Picture Frame Matting

  • Provides stability to the picture
  • Helps the picture fit perfectly in the frame
  • Compensates for the difference in the size of the picture and the frame
  • Prevents moisture attacks on the picture by creating a distance between the picture and the frame glass
  • Distance from the glass makes the picture look clearer
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