Glass Work

Prevent Fading of Photos With
Protective Glass

Add Glass to Your Photo Frame to Prevent Damage

When you frame a photo or a piece of art, you should also consider opting for picture framing glass along with the frame. This is important because glass protects the item from harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays, dust and other accidental damages.

If you want a picture glass frame, just walk into LA Frames and pick one of our plexi or normal glass frames. Your framed pieces will remain clearer and brighter for longer in our frames.
Glass frame

Types of Glass Frames in Our Stock

  • Museum clear glass
  • Antireflection glass
  • UV-blocking glass 
LA Frames provides military and professional artist discounts. Call us today!
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Visit us at 309 S. 3rd St., Renton, WA.
“I was really impressed by the caliber of people and work done at this shop. I came in with a very small job and they were not only friendly but very helpful and respectful. 

 They could have easily turned up their noses at my request but instead treated me as if we were old friends and high paying customer. They have my business and I am very happy to refer them to others.”

- Anonymous
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